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Dune Shack, Cape Cod, 1973

Hawaii Review #85, Fall 2016

Time after time, in bars and parties, I heard the story of how a mysterious carpenter of the dunes came and patches the roof before the storm of '73, saving the life of a local writer. 

A Touch of Sugar on the Blood

Green Briar Review, Winner 2016 Contest in Nonfiction

This is the very question I have been grappling with my whole life: who owns disease? We all know that illness spreads. We cover our mouths. We wash our hands and take our vitamins. Disease also spreads through our emotional lives in a ripple effect. Don't I own a little piece, at least, of my mother's cancer? Didn't my father pay the price to own a share of that illness? My mother and I shared so little; can't we share this final thing? 

Martha Paints the Sunset

Glint Literary Journal, Issue 6, Fall 2015

Martha could vaguely remember the ringing of the phone, the news of an accident, the boiling water, the yellow dusk, the kids, the diamond. Owen. She held those memories right there with all the others. The doctors were wrong when they spoke of memory loss. The problem wasn’t a dearth of memory; the problem was abundance. She wanted to tell George that she wasn’t losing her memory at all. She remembered it all. It was only just a second ago that they were all right here together.

What the Star Told Me

Santa Clara Review, Vol. 102, Issue 2, Spring 2015

Above us, the stars twinkled. Everyone always talks about the damn things twinkling, but I had never seen it until that night. Swirling spirals and arcs of stars shed tails of cerulean and fuchsia. 

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