The meaning of No Good Writing is twofold.


Some years ago, my brother sent me an end-of-year mixtape, as he does every year. In his note that particular year, he wrote, "I've come to the realization that there is no good or bad music. Only music that is suited to a particular person, in a particular time and place."

I was stunned. His sentiment perfectly matched what I try to teach my writing students. That there is No Good Writing. There is only writing crafted for a particular audience, with a particular purpose in mind. 

In part, this blog will be a place for me to share and reflect on a pedagogy that recognizes No Good Writing


There is also the writer's maxim, "There is No Good Writing, only great rewriting," which is attributed on the web to Robert Graves, James Thurber, and Justice Louis Brandeis. So there you go. 

No Good Writing isn't just a blog about teaching. It's a blog about practicing what I teach. From time to time I will share thoughts on my writing and my creative process. 


Kara Mae Brown has been teaching writing for 10 years. She has taught high school, college, and graduate students. She has taught first-year writing, creative writing, writing in the disciplines, and writing for English Language Learners. She has taught students from all over the USA and from far flung places like Kazakstan, Nepal, Brazil, and Japan. 

And, of course, Kara Mae is a writer herself. She has published many works of short fiction and nonfiction, much of which you can find on the "Writing" page of this site. She is currently working on a novel that needs a good elevator pitch. 

Other things you should know about Prof K Mae: she loves her daughter, her husband, and her cat. She begrudgingly admits that living in Santa Barbara, CA is rad (though she really misses Boston). She's way too into container ships

Kara Mae's opinions are, of course, not necessarily those of her employer. 


Contact Prof K Mae. Unless you are one of her students. Then you should email her at her university address. 


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